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How to Sell to the Indecisive Bride

Our Top Tips for Bridal Shops to Battle Indecision Objections

We all know that bride... "I'm just SO indecisive." She makes your hair either fall out or turn gray. If you are sick of hearing this and not knowing the answer, keep reading to learn our tips for getting around this customer.

You're looking for the golden ticket, the smoking gun. What is finally going to shut down the lamest excuse to not buy a wedding dress?

And we're here to tell you.... that there is no way through it. There is no smoking gun.

But psssst.. keep reading for our tips.


What do we do?

Bridal store owners, you know this objection. It's killing sales and making our stylists, managers, and owners want to pull their hair out. It's becoming a game with the customer and with your competitors to see who can close the sale for the bride that says: I'm just too indecisive.

Those magic words that make you want to scream because you know that they can make a decision, they just talk themselves out of it.

We're gonna talk about it, how to deal with that customer, how to work through it, and how to help your team combat it.

Avoid the Victim Mindset

The moment that you allow your bride to play the victim when buying the dress is the minute that you will lose the sale. And it's really hard to get it back. There is a true art form to avoid that inevitable objection.

The answer is actually to go around it. You just have to escape the words and then you still have hope. And it's really hard to recover from it. As long as you can keep them from saying those magic words, "I'm just so indecisive", or "I just need to think about it", you still have the opportunity to make the sale.

When a bride starts to say one of those nail-in-the-coffin sentences, it immediately gives her group permission to rally behind her and reinforce the mindset. They'll step into a protective role, confirming things like "you don't have to make a decision today," "we will not let you be taken advantage of by the salesperson," and of course the dreaded, "there's no rush!"

If you never allow her the opportunity to play the victim, it'll never allow her to say that she can't make a decision, you still have the opportunity to make a sale.

Decision-Making Mindset

Let's set the scene. She's tried on a variety of gowns, and you've narrowed it down to the favorites. You're in the dress. You may have even started accessorizing and styling when you start to get this pit in your stomach, that the objection is coming. Even though she's cried in it and it checks all the boxes, you just get that feeling that she's gonna tell you, "I'm so indecisive."

This is a fine line that we walk when we know that she isn't ready at that moment, but that doesn't mean she's not ready to purchase that day. So you have to move on to something else. We all know a bride can spiral, especially when she wasn't planning to buy. So, the key: get her to talk about something else.

Get her to move and make some easy, smaller decisions. Invite her group to take some photos or videos in the front of the shop where the lighting is great. Have her join you to grab bridesmaid dresses with you so that she is picking colors and maybe a couple of styles. Take her to your accessories and have her be more specific with a different belt or a longer veil.

Get her to start making those micro-decisions so that when you get ready to loop back around and ask her about the dress, she has already been making those micro-decisions for the last few minutes.

Move Quickly

You have to move quickly. And we all know that balance that we're talking about, between letting her speak and feeling understood, but also not giving her the chance to be that weak, vulnerable, unempowered person that you've spent the entire appointment trying to avoid.

We are on the same team. We want to find her the perfect wedding dress. We want to fit the venue and the price and the expectations. At the end of the day, we want the bride to fall in love with the dress that makes her happy and we want her to have her dream dress.

The bottom line: You don't handle this objection by working through it. You have to work around it. When you feel it coming, redirect. Start checking boxes and get the bride to make micro-decisions to get her in that decision-making mindset.



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