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The ultimate guide to starting, operating, and growing your bridal store as an entrepreneur.

Whether you are embarking on a new bridal journey or need a refresher, we know this book will become your bridal store bible!


If you haven’t met us yet, let us give you the rundown. We (Grace & Marissa) met four years ago, first on Instagram and then in-person on a very cold, very snowy evening. Truly, the rest is history. Since then, we have quite literally flown around the world together supporting bridal stores and bridal designers in all the ways we know how. 


Marissa started her career in corporate buying after graduating with a degree in Retailing & Consumer Behavior with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In 2019, Marissa decided to chase her entrepreneurial dreams. She runs both a bridal boutique & retail boutique, is a contributor as an industry expert for a variety of trade magazines, and is the co-founder of Behind Bridal. 


After leaving the corporate world, Grace found herself back in bridal growing a boutique by 40% for 12-months straight. Grace now runs a business consulting firm working with clients around the world, is regarded as an industry expert, speaks at trade shows, writes for trade magazines, and is the other half of Behind Bridal. 


Together, we travel the world pulling back the curtain on the bridal industry (& of course, have a little fun along the way.) In true Behind Bridal fashion, we took out all the fluff when writing this book to give you ONLY the good stuff. So what are you waiting for bridal nerd?

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