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4 Ways to Have a Successful Sample Sale

Sample sales are great for bridal boutiques, moving inventory is just as important as having inventory. How to have a successful sample sale always comes with questions -- should it be appointment only or walk-ins allowed, how long should it last, what styles to include, how much of a discount and more. After working with our clients and following these steps, we came up with the 4 best ways to make your sample sale successful.

1. Make it Exclusive

The best sample sales are exclusive, they're invite only, whether it's in store or online; it is a specific members only society. Exclusivity is going to help drive traffic because everybody wants in and wants to see what's available. By doing this, you can get what you need first, an email capture or booking an appointment, and then let your customers explore what's available to them

2. Keep the Timeframe Short

It's better to do 12 short sample sales a year than one 12 day sample sale. If you move your samples and collections faster, it helps drive demand for the customers by knowing the dresses won't be here forever. Rack space is fixed, so the number of dresses that you buy every year, you also have to sell that number off the rack. If you can move your samples at a faster rate, you'll also be able to discount them less. Sample sales typically go for 40-75% off, when you could have been doing more of these sample sales more frequently, and flipping them for 10-25% off.

3. Focus on the Value, Not the Discount

The discount is a huge added bonus and the perfect way to CLOSE a sale, but if that's the only reason you sell, it's the only value they're going to hear. Instead, focus on how incredible that dress is and why it was originally $5,500. If you can focus on the value of it, instead of focusing on the discount of it, it will increase your customer's experience and willingness to buy because they see the value. They already know they are getting a discount, you don't need to sell on the fact that's only $1,200, the discount is why they showed up. You can also use this in your marketing language as well to talk about the value before they even get into your space.

4. Keep it Limited

Last tip I have for you is to keep it limited on the samples you choose, get rid of what you want, not what your customer wants. Pull best sellers and newer styles and move them to the back during the sale. Don't overwhelm your customers by flooding the sale with samples you're unsure about or don't have an opinion on. Those can wait until the next one, stay focused on your customers and keep it limited.


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