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London Bridal Week
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After growing a well-established bridal boutique by 40%+ for 12 months straight, the buzz about consulting became too loud to ignore. Industry friends continued to reach out for advice and the conversations around the need for more industry education became longer & longer.


In 2019, Grace decided to invest the best 40-hours of her week into her mission, “doing better business in the bridal industry.” Grace has a no b.s., results-driven approach focused on making the biggest impacts first, so clients can immediately put more money back into your business. Consulting in the areas of business development, brand management, & company culture, Grace & her team have become known for pulling back the curtain on the bridal industry & scaling bridal businesses around the world.


Grace & her team have developed two pathways for stores & designers to find the support they are looking for. Behind Bridal provides easy access to impactful education for bridal business through a fan-favorite podcast, university training center, & community filled with binge-worthy education. Good Consulting Collective is a one-on-one consulting firm for stores & designers who are looking for a truly custom approach. 

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NOVEMBER 14, 2019

It’s day 3 of entrepreneurship. There is a note on my kitchen table & $20. 


“Go get yourself a good coffee & some breakfast this morning. A great start to an amazing day. Full stomach and full heart! Love you, Hubz.”


This wasn’t just the start of an amazing day, but the start of all of it. The blind belief that this is what I needed to be doing. What most people don’t know is that money was hard to come by those days & that that $20 bill came out of a sock drawer, for emergencies only. While coffee is my fuel of choice, I will forever be fueled by the undeniable confidence from my husband, family, teammates, & now our clients. The investment, even just $20, in what we continue to build, will always have a return.”


"We are made of those who built us."

Grace Bunk for Behind Bridal & Good Consulting Collective


When I started GCC, my very wonderful parents told me “this is going to turn into something completely different than you imagined & you should just enjoy the ride.” As they say, “mom is always right.”


To think about the amount of life we have lived as a business in just 3 years is pretty impactful. We have been blessed with the opportunities to work with clients across the world & with so many sides of this industry. We have been blessed to discover & build this beautiful team of people who are willing to join our mission. We have been blessed with this community of gritty, hustle-hard entrepreneurs who inspire us to learn more, push more, & be more every single day. 

Hi everyone. It's me, Grace. I want to welcome you to the beautiful corner of the bridal industry that we have created together over the last few years. I am Founder & Business Consultant for BB & GCC. When I am not taking on the bridal industry, you can find me with Stella & Lola (our two dogs), traveling to see friends, family, & my favorite city views, or taste-testing my husband’s latest kitchen creations. I am a sucker for documentaries, whiskey, & Asian food, so drop any & all recommendations in our inbox. Welcome to our community & cheers to the future! 



Hey there, I'm Marissa, your resident bridal store owner, merchandising & inventory expert + charcuterie queen. After working in the corporate retail apparel world, I made the jump to bridal and started as an OG GCC client. When my client calls with Grace continuously ran over talking industry strategies, it was a no brainer for me to join the GCC team to help share her knowledge with our community. It's been a whirlwind of a time & I couldn't be happier to be a part of all we are building!

Time flies when you're having fun! We've been so fortunate to meet & connect with so many bridal industry professionals. We have helped shape so many store owners' futures & produced some amazing results along the way. And we're just getting started! We've worked hard over the last 3 years but we've also played hard. I cannot wait to see what the next 3 years hold for us!

Karli Kuntz


It's Karli, your Digital Marketing + Community Management gal for BB + GCC! Here to connect with alllll the #BridalNerds and grow our community.⁠

I am the resident PNW gal, currently living in my converted van + traveling the country with my partner (I know, don't be too jealous!) I have lived in Washington my entire life and I am excited to be chasing the warm weather and adventuring to National Parks around the country while supporting BB + GCC.⁠

I was the Lead Stylist at my previous shop for 2+ years and am so passionate about educating on customer experience + training training training. Did I mention training?  I am known for my bubbly personality, go-getter attitude, singing skills, and ability to connect + bring people together.⁠

Can't wait to meet you all & cheers to the future!


Hey y’all, my name is Heather Clark and I am the Operations & Project Manager for Behind Bridal & Good Consulting Collective.


I am originally from Georgia, and currently reside wherever the military sends me & my family. I am married with two kids + a dog, all boys so being in this industry of badass women is exactly what I needed.


I started in December of 2021 and have enjoyed learning all about the bridal industry from the #thegoodcrew. They really are just amazing! My strengths within this business are simply my appreciation and desire to get the “to do lists'' done to help move your business and #thegoodcrew forward.

Heather Clark for Behind Bridal & Good Consulting Collective
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