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New Designer Checklist for Stores

New Designer Checklist for Stores


Introducing the "New Designer Checklist" – Your Essential Companion at EVERY Bridal Market.


Choosing a new designer is a crucial decision that shapes the identity of your store. With our downloadable 2-page PDF checklist, we've streamlined the process for you. Designed with four comprehensive sections, this checklist ensures that you not only meet but exceed your expectations when bringing a new designer into your curated collection.


Key Features:


Basic Product Standards: Lay the foundation for excellence with this section, where essential product standards are outlined.


Brand & Imagery: Elevate your store's brand with designers who align with your vision. Explore the brand and imagery section to assess if a designer's aesthetic complements your store's identity, enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers.


Expectations for the Designer: Define your partnership expectations clearly. The checklist delves into expectations from the designer's end to ensure a seamless and mutually beneficial relationship.


Expectations for the Store: Establish a roadmap for success by clarifying what the designer can expect from your store. This section outlines your commitment to fostering a collaborative environment for both parties.


Why Choose Our New Designer Checklist:

  • Streamlined 2-page format for easy reference.
  • Comprehensive coverage of key aspects for a successful designer partnership.
  • Empower your decision-making process with 14 targeted questions.
  • Elevate your bridal store's collection and customer experience.


Download the "New Designer Checklist" now and embark on a journey to curate a bridal collection that stands out, setting your store apart as a destination for discerning brides seeking the extraordinary!