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Recap: Las Vegas Bridal Market

As VOW Bridal & Formal made their West Coast debut alongside Melange de Blanc, we knew we couldn’t miss this market event! Our team packed up & headed to the wedding capital of the world for a few days of bridal work (& play!) in the desert heat. If you were unable to make the trip, here’s our recap to stay in the know.


Buyers we chatted with loved the Vegas destination for their buying trip. Who doesn’t want a fun work trip?! With over 95,000 square feet, The Expo at World Market Center was a prime location choice. It was great to all be under one roof vs having multiple pop-up locations across the city like we see in Chicago & New York. There was tons of space so it was easy to navigate the floor layout and it’s close to hotels so it was easy to get to. VOW also gave $20 towards LYFT rides which was an added bonus!


The events & amenities for this market get a gold star in our book. Buyers were given a daily punch card to use for coffee, breakfast, lunch & cocktails. Unfortunately, designers weren’t included with this meal situation and left on their own, which felt divided. Future markets, just include everyone, there’s really no need for separation especially when there always seemed to be plenty left over. There were also a number of pop-up education & fun events throughout the day for buyers to enjoy. We weren’t able to make it, but the Tacos & Tequila Party sounded like a great kick off event!


This market was smack dab in the middle of Atlanta & Chicago markets which logistically made sense. Talking with designers, attendance was slow and orders were hit or miss. It seemed many buyers used Vegas for a destination trip & to pre-shop collections for Chicago. Going forward, buyers will likely choose one market over the other since designer offerings are similar and they’ll be able to save on travel.

All in all, our team had a blast in Vegas & would for sure go back! When we weren’t at market, we were taking advantage of the great food, drinks & nightlife. We tested our luck on the slots & repped our Merch on the streets. Buyers & designers should definitely consider this market when planning their buying trips.

If you attended Vegas market, share your thoughts. Shop the merch Here. For more on working with us and doing a deep dive into your business, Click Here. Cheers!


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