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Market Prep 101

Prepare for Bridal Markets before you get there

It's hard to believe, but market season is quickly approaching, or already here!

The best way to prepare for the upcoming buying season is to research as much as you can ahead of time and make a game plan using your data.

If you haven't done this yet or aren't planning on doing this, stop whatever you're doing and make this a priority before you go spend thousands of dollars on shit you like at market.

Here are three steps you have to take to prepare for market.

Let's dive in.


Buying Analysis

You need to run a major deep dive for your sales and inventory.

Pull your high-level designer productivity and get really, really detailed on your sizing, pricing, silhouettes, fabrics, necklines, and everything by designer, and just really start at the top and then drill down.

Dig into the nitty gritty of your sales and your inventory. Bring this data with you when you meet with

your designers and see the new collections. Think of it as your buying partner to help hold you and your team accountable.

Game Plan & Budget

After you do your buying analysis, you're going to know how your department and designers are doing and you can then build a game plan for this season.

Doing this quarterly is going to be so beneficial for you because then when it comes time for market season, you'll be so dialed in and then you are going to know exactly what you need and what you don't need.vo sections. v

Then from those sections or departments or categories, however you classify your business, you can break it down by designers within each of those departments. Your buying analysis info is going to tell you exactly what you need and what you don't need so you don't overspend. So set your budget.

Schedule & Agenda

Now that you know what you need and how much you want to spend, you can make a schedule on who you want to visit at market.

Make a calendar that really time-blocks your day. This keeps you on track so you can include seminars, any runway shows, and some of the fun popup events that may happen. You're going to feel more productive and you're going to be less likely to impulse and get distracted from your main objectives.

Once you start booking your appointments or making notes of people that you want to see, you can then make an agenda for your time with them.

Market is one of those few times you are able to see your sales reps in person. So write down what you want to accomplish with them, what questions you have for them, and any concerns you want to address. This can be as simple as having a note on your phone. Make the most of your time.

Inventory System

Come up with your own schedule and create a routine that works for you because your business will

thank you and you’ll see the profits return to you at the end of the year and each month.

If you love the idea of an inventory routine but want a done-for-you system you can invest in and apply to your business to see tried and trusted results, check out Marissa's Inventory Management Course.

Giving you the exact same training we use to help our clients grow by 6-figures, time & time again, this is a complete Inventory Management System for Bridal Stores to give owners the tools to access all sales & inventory data necessary to manage their business.



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