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Business Guide for COVID Lockdown

Whether you’re going into lockdown round 2, round 3, or you’re experiencing an increase in any COVID restrictions, this is your BB official guide. I know times are hard, and no matter where you live in the world and how hard you work, your business IS affected by this pandemic. I want to provide you with some tips to stay sane, find your freedom, and come out stronger from this pandemic. Let’s dive in.

1. Get into your analytics.

There has never been a better time to not only understand your systems and platforms, but to also dive into their efficiencies. Analytics touch almost every area in your business, but some key categories to focus on are:

  • Social media

  • Marketing Channels

  • Staff & Sales

  • Systems & Processes

If you have no idea where to start, book a Hotline call or lean into our old friend Google!

2. Invest in your brain.

Stock up on books, courses, & materials to learn!!! We encourage to start a book club with friends or teammates! We are reading books from Supermaker to Everything is Figureoutable to The Organized Mind! Creating community, expanding your knowledge, and making time for yourself. It’s a win, win, win!

3. Keep marketing in communities you can retain.

Like Meredith said on Instagram, you have to keep marketing, but do it in organic communities, communities that you can retain. Grow your email list, boost your social media posts, invest in your social media education, and put your time and energy into your community. While things like Google Ads can be a great marketing tool, you don’t get to keep that person after they click. Focus more on social media marketing, SEO, and any other creative community marketing you can get into. These are tools that retain customers.

4. Take precaution, but “do what gotta do, girl.”

If you cannot afford to close your doors, don’t. If Walmart, grocery stores, and Amazon distributions centers can be open, so can you. I’m not saying to be reckless, please take any and all precautions, but if you need to be open, that’s okay.

5. Limit your circle and energy.

Be selfish. I’m serious. Give to yourself first. You can’t be expected to support others yet not also support yourself. If you have anything left over, pour it out into your circle. If not, that’s okay.

6. Curate your environment.

In every way around you from people to things to colors to accessories. While we cannot control the majority of what goes on outside the walls of our house or business, we can create and control the environment we live in and work in. So curate it.

7. Get minimal.

Clean it all. Your own closet, your workspace, your email, clean it out! It’s easier to get clear and intentional when the environment around you is clear and intentional.

8. Match your margins.

If you have to close or operate at less capacity, let your expenses reflect that. Let your marketing reflect that. We highly recommend reading “Profit First” for those of you looking to get a handle on your finances. There are some great resources out there for you, and Profit First is a great place to start.

9. Evaluate your time.

What do you want? While this is something every entrepreneur does all the time (or it should be), it rarely gets checked off the to-do list. Well, now is that time. Where are you spending your time? Is it efficient? Does it make you happy?

10. From business to brand

Deciding whether you are going to be a small business owner or a brand owner is a big step. It takes some serious reflection, and major, major commitment.

11. Create your bucket list or vision board

For those of you who have done this know how valuable this is. For those that haven’t and think it’s a fun little craft project, you are missing out on the mindset shift and power behind it all. Do this!!! Do this now!!

12. Get active.

This looks different for everyone & may look different every day. Gyms may be closed, parks may not be accessible, but even small activities within the comfort of your own home can lower stress hormones & release endorphins. Do what you can to give your body those mini-boosts.

We always aim to provide you with the tools to run and grow a profitable brand, even in times like these. If you need help please reach out to us!


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